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Sales Training International Intellectual's Property (IP) For Sale

We're heading toward retirement and are selling the assets of our company, Sales Training International for $325K (see value prop below).

This unusual asset sale opportunity includes:

  • 25 Amazon Top 100 bestselling ebooks/books in sales, sales management, and customer service to open doors, break ties, and close sales
  • 8 standardized diagnostic questionnaires to identify specific training needs in sales and customer service
  • 46 ILT and 45 WBT skills-based courses and modules to selectively target the identified needs (evidence-based training)
  • 3 Coaching Models (Peer-to-Peer Coaching, Curbside Coaching, and Formal Coaching) ensure effective and sustainable results
  • 6 software programs including CRM, LMS, Diagnostic Questionnaires, and more included at no-charge (see notes below)

The Intellectual Property (IP) content has an exceptionally long shelf-life because it's based on psychological principles of human behavior specific to buying, selling, and customer interaction. The content is pragmatic rather than theoretical, and the diagnostics link between skill deficits and skills taught is obvious.

The knowledge, skills, and strategies are taught at the principles level and then personalized by each participant during the learning activities. This process broadens the base of applicability across most industries in business-to-business sales and customer service settings.

Note: This process may take some time, and so In the interim, we are rebranding our services to "SalesHelp by Robert DeGroot" to reflect how we are currently meeting our customers' needs. Sales Training International now represents the publishing brand for the Web-Based Training, Instructor-Led Training workbooks, and books/ebooks. The new owner can use the brands to meet their needs and goals.

Top 10 Reasons to Select SalesHelp by Robert DeGroot - What makes us different.

History of STI - From start to rapid growth, to adopting the virtual company business model, to current semi-retirement.

Intellectual Property Included this sale

8 standardized competency model diagnostic questionnaires, surveys, and checklists to select from to provide clear evidence of where training is needed and where it’s not needed. Test before you invest:

  • Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ & Quick SDQ)
  • Competency Diagnostic Questionnaire (CDQ)
  • Sales Process Diagnostic Questionnaire (SPDQ)
  • Objection Free Selling Skills Survey – Objections you get to skills you need
  • Strategic Sales Plan Checklist – Featured in bestselling ebook and paperback book
  • Objections Diagnostic Checklist – Featured in bestselling ebook and paperback book
  • Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire (CSDQ)
  • Customer Service Skills Survey

46 Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses/modules to rapidly create custom curriculums based on the results of the diagnostics – Evidence-Based Training:

  • 27 Sales courses/modules (All have trainer manuals)
  • 9 Sales Management courses/modules (All have trainer manuals)
  • 10 Customer Service courses/modules (All have trainer manuals)
  • All classroom materials have been updated where needed and redeveloped using minimal formatting to enable rapid rebranding and ready to sell.

45 eLearning courses to provide personalized curriculums. All operate on our LMS, and 29 are SCORM conformant to operate on commercial Learning Management System (LMS).

  • 25 Sales courses (seventeen have best-selling ebooks – 14 are SCORM)
  • 10 Sales Management courses (two have best-selling ebooks – 6 are SCORM)
  • 10 Customer Service courses (six have best-selling ebooks – 10 are SCORM)
  • All courses use a highly interactive accelerated learning format
  • All SCORM courses are developed using Articulate Storyline 3
  • All Non-SCORM courses are design ready for Storyline or Captivate style software
  • Courses can be previewed by selecting the links from the WBT course listings in this site

40 ebooks, including 25 Amazon Top 100 Best-sellers, to open doors and provide strong credibility. The enhanced buyer confidence helps close sales:

  • Books/ebooks were developed from the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses
  • Ebooks and two paperback books (all updated 2018 – 2019)
  • 2 paperback books published in 2016 and 2018 include diagnostic checklists (ebook editions are best-sellers and still on the Amazon lists)
  • Objection Free Selling is now 54 months on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list as of October 2021
  • A dozen or so books are on and off the lists and have been since 2012
  • Includes all of the sales, sales management, and customer service books listed on this site except Psychology for Successful Selling (copyright held by publisher)

Registered Trademarks, Copyrights, & Domain Names:

  • All courses and unique course icons are Trademarked TM
  • All courses, books, and support materials are Copyrighted ©
  • Paperback books have copyrights filed with the United States Copyright Office
  • Domain Names included:
    • (e-commerce and LMS)
    • (currently used for LMS email used for registration, participant test results, etc.)

Miscellaneous Assets:

Software we developed - most now offline (the value is in the design, function, and ownership):

  • Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire software: Has 201 skilled competencies in 32 different areas of selling setup with multiple reports available
  • Competency Diagnostic Questionnaire (360 software - customers can input their own competencies for multiple positions)
  • Learning Management System (Non-SCORM) host to our WBT and currently in use for a client on our server
  • STIOrderCenter (credit card payments) part of the LMS
  • CRM Software - programmed in .asp
  • Competitor Analysis Software System (CASS)

NOTE: Except for the Non-SCORM LMS, all software is off-line and is need of GUI updating and some should be reprogrammed using code other than .asp. As such, we are not charging for the programs.

Support materials for the courses:

  • Games
  • Handouts
  • Specially designed learning materials
Value Proposition

Buy all the assets for $350,000* USD. Payout possible.

  • Using a common participant fee schedule, how many classes, with how many participants, at what per-person fee would you need to cover your initial investment? Your entire investment? Example: The gross revenue for training 175 people at $2,000 per person would equal $350K.
  • How long would it take to sell that many classes? It could be one company or 10 companies.
  • Would you include coaching training or provide it?
  • Could you research, design, and develop 41 Web-based traing courses complete with instructor-led training formats supported by best-selling books for less than $10,000 per-course available on an e-commerce Learning Mangement System software (non-SCORM LMS software included)?

Included in this sale are twenty business days of Dr. Robert "Bob" DeGroot's time (plus pre-approved expenses) to ensure the transfer is successful.

These twenty days can be used for consultation with the new owner's staff, detailed content review, train-the-trainer, working directly with the new owner's clients, developing programs, or whatever is reasonably necessary to support success. Additional time can be negotiated based on Dr. DeGroot’s fee schedule of $6,000 per day plus expenses.

Descriptions of all the IP (except miscellaneous assets) is available on this website.

*Note, we devalued the software and are including it at no-charge - hence the price change.

For additional information call or email Bob DeGroot: 281-367-5599 or

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