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Blog Post - August 10, 2020
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15 Clues Your Account is in Trouble

Selling Skills

Take action when you see these signs:

  1. 1. Your phone calls go unreturned.
    2. You do not get a timely response to your requests.
    3. You don’t have a specific project underway.
    4. Mindshare is decreasing.
    5. The customer adds competing product lines.
    6. Complaints increase, and customer satisfaction is decreasing.
    7. The customer is not receiving measurable benefits.
    8. The customer is relying less and less on your resources.
    9. The customer is not taking advantage of training or other activities offered.
    10. Contact with customers exceeds the minimal time limits you set between contacts.
    11. You don’t know about new decision makers or organizational changes.
    12. Your access to decision makers decreases.
    13. The customer asks for more and more types of services, adjustments or product/service modifications you cannot offer.
    14. A slight but steady decrease in the amount and type of business you are doing with the customer
    15. Customer contacts are asking competitor comparison type questions.

These are only the most frequent of all that you could get. Make your own list, set up an early detection system, and develop strategies to prevent the most popular ones you and your colleagues experience.


Four bestselling authoritative ebooks all salespeople should own:

1. Strategic Sales Plan (steps in the sales process for you to validate).

2. Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model (easy to learn, remember, and use consultative value selling model).

3. Objection Free Selling (find the gaps in your sales process and sales model that are letting the objections slip in and plug the hole).

4. The Hunt: Prospecting for New Business (all methods can be used without in-person contact)

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